With PC-TO-Phone you can call any number from your computer...at identical low rates!

IntelCall PC-to-Phone has arrived with an exciting range of features, all together in one place. If you are an existing IntelCall customer, you can get this service for free by downloading it here- and start using it, with any existing card, immediately.

How does it Work?

It’s easy to start using PC-TO-Phone - simply download the most up-to-date version, then install it. to keep things really simple, you can log in with your existing IntelCall username and password and you’re all set to begin making calls!

Anything Else I Should Know about?

Definitely! There’s a lot more to IntelCall’s PC-TO-Phone: You can save and connect with all your contacts in just a single click; obtain a ‘virtual number’ so other people can call you; get your calls forwarded -  instead of picking up from your PC, pick up from your telephone;  VoiceMail means you won’t have to miss important calls... plus loads more!